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Growing and Dying - Honest Songs for Complex Times

Honest Songs for Complex Times - Take a Listen music

Growing and Dying is a collection of stories from the journey... connecting the rural midwest and the okavango delta, the northern california ethos and the craggy shores of the amygdala... contrasting the drudgery of the mundane with the romantic quest for sustainable community... Robert and Amy Ethingtonit is cupcake love and the love made only by putting your hands in the dirt... reaching from childhood to middle age, from the prosaic to the eccentric, from great hope to debilitating doubt... representing triumphs, tragedies, defeat, and all things learned on the road to redemption... it is the absolute, reckless amazement with life and the desperate, torturous search for meaning... it is the birth of sons and daugh­ters and their humbling passage to independence... it is a bewilderment with beauty and an embarrassment with human thoughtlessness... a compendium of the emotions created by fear and the words that are left to take the pain away... it balances the grav­ity of conflict with the rugged pursuit for solemnity... creating the musical tension between all we let go of when we grow and all that we cleave to in the dying... may these works inspire in you the peace only found in the heart of the listening soul...

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